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APACK is a logistics and storage centre, offering professional, comprehensive co-packing, break bulk, commercial packaging of both promotional products, but also regular sales series. We work with both closed and open products. We carry out orders with full commitment and passion, where quality, punctuality and satisfaction of our customers is our priority.


APACK Sp. z o.o. is a logistic and storage centre, providing services of packaging, repackaging, foiling, labelling, banding, cellophane wrapping of products as well as development and production of unit and multi packs, paper, foil or laminate.

We work with both closed and open products. We mix the components according to the recipe indicated by the customer, and then with the use of our high tech machines, we dose the final product accordingly. Comprehensive logistics service, including packaging, co-packing and co-manufacturing is our great asset. Thanks to this, we work for leading FMCG concerns, distributing their products through retail chains.

Our history

We carry out ambitious projects and are not afraid of challenges. We offer a wide range of services and comprehensive logistics solutions, adapting them to the customer's needs. We carry out projects from beginning till the end, from idea to its implementation!

In 2014 APACK company received its first significant award - Business Gazelle 2014. Receiving the Business Gazelle was not only a huge distinction, but also and above all a summary and culmination of the work put into the development of the company. The awarded prize is the achievement of both our contractors and employees. It is our commonsuccess!

In 2013 APACK changed its "packaging". The decision to buy a new facility was driven by the dynamic development of the company and the desire to improve and develop. This was supported by the economic infrastructure and the growing demand for services in the co-packing sector. The new and larger "packaging" became another opportunity to develop and to set more and more ambitious goals. Since then APACK has owned 15 000 m² of land and 3 655 m² of building where production, warehouse and social area were placed. An additional advantage of the new headquarters was and is the location, which in practice has not changed.

In July 2012 we changed the organizational structure of the company by transforming it into a limited liability company. This was connected with the change of ownership and the beginning of the era of dynamic development.

The company was established in 2001 under the name of Dom Produkcyjny APACK. Since then, we have been constantly improving the level of our services and expanding their scope of services in order to adapt them to market needs accordingly.


We offer professional consultations and reliable execution of orders. Many years of experience allows us to verify the preferences of customers quickly and accurately. The solutions and techniques presented on the website will enable you to get familiar with our offer and quality of service.

We have a lot to offer to our contractors. Quality and punctuality of services are our priorities. By providing services at the highest level, we ensure satisfaction of our customers.

We are aware of the importance of the layout of promotional packaging and the quality of its execution. Packaging is as important as its content. It is the manufacturer's trademark that leads to the development of customers network as well as their positive opinion about our performed services. That is why, we pay special attention to this and take care of the smallest details. Packaging is our work, but above all, it is our passion, which can be seen through the implementation of projects. Thanks to our approach, many recognized companies trusted us.


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