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Organization of work

Every assignment is led and coordinated from start to finish by a dedicated Account Manager. Our Clients are constantly updated with project status and progress.

We work in brigade system, which allows us to simultaneously execute even 20 orders. Our experienced employees guarantee steady efficiency and high quality of execution.

All employees have valid medical checkups that allow them to work with food products and are equipped with protection gear, gloves and masks if necessary. Working under quality assurance system HACCP minimizes production process errors.

Since the start of Covid-19 pandemic we have introduced and maintain strict hygiene procedures. We have divided production area into sections, which allows for separation and independent operations of brigades and reduces epidemiological risks.


The work of the plant is organized in a shift system, which enables simultaneous execution of up to ten orders.Experienced team which work with us from the very beginning, guarantees equal efficiency and high quality. All employees have valid medical examination which allows them to work in food industry. They are equipped with a lab coat, cap and optional gloves. The implemented HACCP quality control system minimizes the possibility of errors in the production process.