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Packaging production

Our offer includes development and production of unit packs such as sachets, doypacks, but also cardboard, laminated packaging and advertising stands. Each product requires properly adjusted packaging and presentation.

In our opinion, the packaging is a kind of business card of the product which is being sold. Not only, it protects from the external factors but what is the most important, it plays key marketing function - it encourages the customer to buy the product.


Our specialists advise in the selection of appropriate projects and technological solutions, best suited to the individual needs and tastes of the customer in order to achieve an optimal and the most satisfactory result. We also support in the selection of the most suitable raw materials and production techniques. We perform not only as the contractor, but also as the coordinator of the project, from the very beginning to the final implementation!

Each order is executed in a fully professional way. Both the execution of the order and the production of each package is preceded by detailed arrangements, preparation of timetable and agenda. The next step is to present a proposal and consult it with the customer. The customer must be fully aware of his choice and satisfied with the result achieved. Only after customer’s final acceptance we move forward and start the package production.