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Packaging service

Packaging service – this is a service that includes: portioning, packaging of different kinds of products into sets ready for dispatch or retail sale. Such a service allows to sort, combine, mix, pack and mark products according to requirements specified by the customer.

Packaging service

Packaging service – is a general term – it combines co-manufacturing and co-packing processes.

Co-manufacturing means completion of finished products from different components, assembly of individual components provided by different manufacturers in accordance to customer's guidelines. Afterwards, the final product is being packed and shipped to the final customer.

Co-packing - means comprehensive packaging of finished products, preparation of dedicated promotional sets, packages, stands and labelling according to the customer's order. Next, the final products is shipped its destination. Such a service is frequently used in order to prepare promotional and subject sets, in this case selection of suitable products has to be coherent with its package. Co -packing is a very broad term, including a number of processes related to the packaging of goods, their repacking and preparation.