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We also handle with commercial packaging and preparation of different kinds of products, both promotional items and regular sales series. Products can be packedin packages provided by the customer or outsourced for preparation and production. We offer professional, comprehensive co-packing service, ensuring the highest quality of provided services and their on-time implementation. We advise how to select the most choosing the most favourable solutions, adjusting them individually to the product and the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers. Products packed by APACK successfully draw attention of customers what taking marketing aspect into account helps manufacturers to execute their sales goal.


The APACK Sp. z o.o. logistics and storage centre offers commercial packaging of products of various application, mainly from food and cosmetic industry. We are a trusted partner for many manufacturers and at the same time a leader in the co-packing industry, providing services such as foiling, labelling, banding and cellophane wrapping.

We recommend packaging and preparation of products into promotional sets with the use of cardboard boxes, shrink-wrapped or sleeve-type of foil. We pay attention to details while dealing with all kinds of products so that a given item is treated according to the highest standards as well as protected against harmful external factors, moisture and contamination, accordingly.

Our wide scope of services include preparation of mixed products, pasting samples into magazines and brochures, development and production of multipacks –display type - and labeled advertising stands. Such a way of products introduction is very attractive for customers and is a great source of information about promotion details. Appropriate presentation of product is a key issue for marketing activities as it brings far-reaching results in the future. Our qualified specialists support you with selection of the most adequate solutions considering your individual requirements and expectations.