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APACK deals with the service of repacking and preparation of previously packed products provided by the customer. Such products are packed into unit or multipacks. We combine individual products into multipacks, create sets and mixes of products according to the specification and expectations of the customer, preparing them for direct distribution.


Repacking usually involves replacing damaged or out-of-date packaging with new ones. The change occurs as a result of incorrect descriptions, information on the label or the introduction or termination of a promotional campaign for a given article. Repackaging is also the process of dosing various types of products from multipacks into smaller, unit packs.

Each product requires an individual approach, different activities and actions. Repacked products, apart from the repackaging service itself, often require new packaging, label and idea. Our role is to advise our customers, using our experience and know-how, solutions that suit the customer’s profile the most.

Each solution is adjusted individually to customer’s needs and requirements. Each order is carried out comprehensively, from the beginning till the end, from idea to its implementation.