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We are

a logistics and warehousing center. For over 20 years we offer professional comanufacturingu, copacking, bundling and logistics of FMCG.

We carry out complete logistic processes and adjust products to the requirements of modern large-format trade and e-commerce.

Our most high-spec service is comanufacturing, dealing with bulk ingredients. We combine bulk components in accordance with the instructions and automatically fill and seal the finished product.

Our resources

We possess our own, modern complex of production, warehousing and office buildings, located in Oborniki, Poland by S11 road, about 40 km away from the A2 Poznan West highway (300km away from Warsaw and Berlin).

Our facilities are joined to the power and gas grid, but we have our own, independent electricity and heating systems. This gives us and our clients certainty of operating in all conditions.

  • 15 ha of fenced and paved area
  • 1 000 m2 of manufacturing area
  • 4 000 m2 of high storage warehouse
  • 200 employees

Our work

We work according to the highest quality standards. We are FLEXIBLE and JUST IN TIME, which gives us our main competitive advantage.

We offer comprehensive, fully tailored services. All processes are done in-house and if it is necessary we contract materials out to our long time reliable partners.

Our service

We work for mulinational corporations and local companies - all being serviced with the same high quality and enthusiasm.

Thanks to our international clients we have a series of logistic and warehousing procedures in place, which guarantee high quality of execution.

Working for local companies allows us to maintain adequate market cost level and keep stable pricing of our services.